Welcome to Stevesbeesupply.com, your local beekeeper. We are located in Pasadena, Texas. My name is Steve. I’ve personally raised bees for about the last 5 years. When was younger, I remember my Grandfather having bees and I always had a fascination with them. Yes, I have taken my fair share of stings because of that fascination! In high school I worked my way to summer camp by helping one of our local beekeepers. English Honey Farm is where I got my first real hands-on lessons of what beekeeping was all about. It was hard, hot and heavy work but 26 years later I decided to try my hand at becoming a beekeeper. At that time, I didn’t know enough and had several failures. I learned from every one of them. I tried my hand at doing removals for a few months and learned that those guys don’t get paid enough or sometimes, not at all. Following a break from bees due to a residence change, my children and I decided to put all of our efforts into learning anything and everything about raising bees. We started off buying equipment, bees and PPE. Our first few Nucs did well the first year. After moving them into 10-frame boxes we quickly learned that as a beekeeper you never have enough woodware. We grew to 15 hives quickly and probably could have been twice that size, but we weren’t happy with the genetics of the typical “Texas” honey bee. After doing some searching and watching almost every video on YouTube, I got in contact with Don the Fat Bee Man. That’s where the story changes. I quickly learned that we were doing things the hard way. Don breaks it down into simple concepts and is a very willing teacher. I had the opportunity to become one of Don’s commercial students in March of 2019. With that accomplishment, Steve’s Bees Supply is now raising Don the Fat Bee Man’s stock. I love working with Georgia bees. Its nice to work bees in Texas and not have to worry about getting lit up by them.

We are growing every day on Facebook and Instagram. Social media has been a huge help to our business. We would be very happy for you look up Steve’s Bees on Facebook. Check out what we are working on that week and when we will have bees available.

I do want to thank one very special lady. Tara Gonzales has been through the ups and down of our endeavor and has always had my best interest in mind. She has supported all my crazy ideas and has always pushed me to be the best at whatever I get myself in the middle of. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. I also would like to recognize my children. Arabella is a 6-year-old ball of fire. She loves to watch and help me build bee equipment. Isaak is 19 years old and helps where ever he can between college classes and work. Stephen is 11 years old and is eager to learn everything he can about beekeeping. So, if you get a chance, drop us a line or come out to the apiary and see the difference in those sweet Georgia bees.